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London Heathrow Airport: Showers & Storage

"Silly, tourist. She's taking a photo of Left Baggage!"

The last time I flew to London, I arrived at 7 am and had 10 hours to kill until my train departed for Edinburgh. Even if you’re sitting in business class and your luggage consists of a roller bag that fits under your seat and a purse, you’re still going to land feeling like a homeless lady wheeling a shopping cart.

I packed for a week trip in this houndstooth bag and a tote bag.

Luckily Heathrow’s got it all figured out.

Get Refreshed

You can take a shower at LHR. If you don’t have access to an airline lounge, go to Terminal 4 for a free shower. The showers are located post security near the Express Abbey entrance.

Free shower stall @ LHR.

You’ll need your own toiletries and towel but you get a private changing area and shower space. The space is clean and big enough for you to open a large suitcase and get yourself refreshed.

It's old but it's clean.

Stow It

Next stop is  Baggage Storage and Shipping.  Without the specter of 9/11 haunting them, LHR still has on-site luggage storage at every terminal. Each bag is £8.50 per 24 hours. I opted to take my bags to Kings Cross Station where my Virgin train to Edinburgh was departing. They have the same set up — bags are scanned and stored but left baggage is £8.00 per bag for the first 24 hours then £4.00 per 24 hours thereafter.

"Silly, tourist. She's taking a photo of baggage storage!"

Now, you’re free to go do something fun!

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