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London Heathrow Airport: Yotel Pod Hotel

Yotel Video Signage

I have a thing for unusual hotels. I’ve yet to stay at one but I so,so want to.

On my last trip to the UK, I had a ten hour layover until my train for Edinburgh. I knew that I’d want a shower and possibly a disco nap so I looked for day rooms that weren’t going to cost me $100 for a few hours. I discovered that LHR has a pod hotel called Yotel.

Located in London Heathrow‘s Terminal 4, Yotel is a pod hotel with everything you’d need to freshen up. If you’re facing a long layover between flights, this would be an ideal break from the airport din.

Pod hotels, also called “capsule hotels,” have rooms called “pods” that are fairly small but contain your necessities: bed, ensuite bathroom and even a desk. They are mostly concentrated in Japan but are beginning to gain popularity in Europe.

Yotel’s Premium Pod contains a double bed and is 12′ x 8.5’.  The Standard Pod contains a twin bed and is 7′ 4″ x 9′ 4″. All pods are soundproof and come with wifi, a flatscreen TV and toiletries.

The Brits love their mood lighting.

Heathrow’s Yotel has 32 pods. I recommend booking your pod well in advance. They were at full capacity when I tried to book the night before. They have a 4 hour minimum but no maximum.

You’ll find Yotel at London Gatwick and Amsterdam Schiphol Airports as well. In March of this year, you’ll find Yotel in New York’s Time Square.

Premium and Twin Pods start at £40 and Standard Pods start at £25 for the first 4 hours. Each hour thereafter starts at £6.50.

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